Hi there.

You've reached the site for ugh, the universal GPS hidey. The project goal is to create a hardware and software package that will be distributed under the GPL that acts as a tiny GPS device that reports its' current coordinates to a preconfigured web listener via open WiFi (probably just 802.11b) connections. Think of it like a lojack except inexpensive (hopefully) and free to use. I'm open to using a standardized hardware package (such as a STAMP like this), so that might be a possibility. In that case, any code and hardware modifications/additions would be released, and based on that hardware manufacturers' product.

I'm still getting set up, so it will be a little while before you see something substantial here. But if you're interested in helping (or just have an idea or suggestion), drop me a line or post something in the forum.


PS: Why'd I choose to start working on something like this? I just thought it would be an interesting device. I'm slightly amazed someone else hadn't thought of it already since there are so many open WiFi spots all over the place :P